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Male Female Town of birth Country of birth including UK Mobile phone number Alternative phone number E-mail address You do not have to fill in your e-mail address in capital letters. Have you had or been included on any sort of passport before You must fill in this section. A Has the person named in section 2 had any sort of passport British or otherwise or been included in any passport before If you are applying to replace a lost or stolen passport you must also fill in form LS01. Please...
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What is United Kingdom Passport Application Form?

With this form you can apply for, renew, replace or update your United Kingdom passport. If you decide to knowingly fill this form with misleading information, or information that is untrue the officials reserve the right to share this information with the UK or abroad police for prosecution.

What is the Purpose of the United Kingdom Passport Application Form?

By filling this form and applying for a passport you confirm that information you provide in this form is correct; you’re a British national, you haven’t lost or given up your status;

that by filling this form and by making this application you aren’t breaking any conditions of a court order; you don’t owe any money for repatriation costs to the UK government.

When is United Kingdom Passport Application Form Due?

There is no particular due date for a passport application. However, it should take around 6 weeks to get your first UK adult passport, but it can take longer. Renewing a passport or getting a child passport application type should take three weeks. It can take longer if additional information is needed by the officials or your initial application hasn’t been filled out correctly.

Is United Kingdom Passport Application Form Accompanied by Other Documents?

United Kingdom passport application form needs a new photo of the applicant, that must look like the applicant and must not have any alterations. The photo must be taken in the timeframe of one month prior to the application. Every photos that is attached to the form shall pass online checks, but may still be unsuitable for a first time issued or renewed passport. Then the officials may ask for a different photograph whether digital or paper.

What Information do I Provide in the United Kingdom Passport Application Form?

What type of passport you are applying for: the first British passport, renewal, replacement, extension or in need of changes. Who is this passport for — title, name, surname, middle name, current address, country, date of birth, town and country of birth, mobile phone number, email address. Also, it requires the previous passport information if there was such. The form requires the parents information and the information about children, that is called “Certificate of registration or naturalization”.  

Where do I Send United Kingdom Passport Application Form?

The application form for the United Kingdom passport and all additional information is sent onto the official United Kingdom website.

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